Trade Policy

What kind of items do you accept for trade? 
You can bring us your new & used books, audio (CD only) books to trade for store credit.  We take books that are in good condition, with no water damage, staining, or missing pages.  Spines must be in good condition.  Hardbacks must have original dust jacket.  We also acccept used board games, DVD's, Video games and puzzles, but they must have all their pieces, as well as 33 vinyl albums!  We are unable to accept books with highlighting, underlining, or excessive handwriting.  At this time we do not accept magazines, catalogs, textbooks, Reader's Digest/Condensed books, or encyclopedias.  

How is store credit calculated?  
We start an account for you in our system.  In most cases, we give 20 - 40% credit based on the estimated sale value of the book.  Ex: You bring us a hardback book which we will price at $10.00; you will receive $2.00 - $4.00 in credit.  

How do I redeem credit? 
You will receive 50% off the sticker price by using store credit and you will pay 50%.  Ex: You have $20.00 store credit.  Your purchase total is $15.00.  You will pay $7.50  and your credit will be reduced by $7.50.  The remaining store credit of $12.50 can be used for future purchases.  

Why can't I use my credit to pay for the whole price of the book?
Like any business, we need to remain profitable in order to stay open and provide service.  We cannot meet operating expenses if we simply trade books. 

Can I use store credit to towards the purhcase of retail items? 
No, can only be used towards the purchase of books.

Do you pay cash for used books? 
In most cases we do not, but exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.  

What do you do with books that you are unable to accept? 
If your book does not meet the above criteria, or if we already have an abundance of said book, we are able to either donate your books to a non-profit organization or paper recycle them.